Family oriented services - Putting the consumer at the forefront of everything we do

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For carers

Care giving is a positive and rewarding experience.

As a carer at Clinicare Australia, our qualified team of Occupational Therapists provide supervision and training to help develop your clinical skills. We oversee your career within caring to ensure best outcome for you and your consumers.

When working for Clinicare Australia we will:

  • Take into account your tertiary background, experience and aptitude
  • Provide training and resources to ensure you are able to provide care that ensure our valued consumers can successfully work towards independence
  • Ensure that safeguards are in place to maintain are safe and healthy working environment for our carers and our valued consumers.

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for consumers

We provide a number services to help you achieve independence.

1. Home Assessments

2. Flexible Caring Packages

3. Care and Home Assessments through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

4. Exercise / Exercise Assistance

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When arranging commencement of a new service we will:

  • Liaise with you and your family to understand who you are and your specific needs
  • Select the most appropriate and experienced carer which caters to your requirements
  • Ensure that our family-oriented services put the consumer at the forefront of everything we do

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for partners

Clinicare Australia is always on the look out for partnerships with leading home equipment providers and community groups to improve consumer experience.

We partner with suppliers of home equipment and community groups.

When commencing a partnership with Clinicare Australia we will:

  • Only work with leading suppliers of quality home care equipment
  • Partner with community groups whose mission and core values align with Clinicare Australia's.
  • Ensure all alliances contribute positively and only in the best interest for our consumer's outcomes

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