Our Mission and Core Values


We are an Australian family-oriented service, putting the consumer at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to empower and achieve independence for individuals and families.


Core Values:

1. Quality:
Quality is at the forefront of all our operations. From customer service, to caring services to our business operations- we take pride in providing high quality and professional care and services to ensure individuals and families remain at the centre of our services. Only through upholding and driving quality in our people and our products, can true independence be successfully managed.

2. 100% Client Centered:
We ensure that the services provided to you are holistic, that is, treatment as a 'whole person', taking into account all factors of your life. Client centered care means that we are respective and responsive to individual preferences, needs and values and we use these to guide our recommendations and our provision of care.

3. Transparency and Honesty:
In every step of the journey - Clinicare Australia will display transparency and honesty in every business operation and ensure communication is always attended to in a reasonable turn around time. As we are providing care for individuals and their families - we understand how important it is to have trust in our caring services. We maintain confidentiality and privacy of all our consumers.